Over the years, PropX have acquired and collected a qualified database of contacts in the property industry and we keep in regular contact with our clients and stakeholders via different media, communication and printed formats.

We can expose your business, product, project, offering or service to our clients on an advertising campaign and design basis or via joint venture or instruction.

An instruction could be something as simple as a property for sale or as integrate as listing a real estate fund on the stock exchange.

Some of our clients would include:

- Landlords
- Tenants
- Buyers and Sellers
- Property Managers
- Property Brokers / Consultants/ Real Estate Agents
- Property Developers
- Property Appraisers / Valuators
- Financial Institutions
- Town and Regional Planners
- Project Managers
- Quantity Surveyors
- Architects
- Commercial and Retail Tenants
- Other Associated Service providers to the Property Industry.

Welcome to contact us with your specific requirements.